This is what contributes to the city Fashion Week in New York

By : ujikiu / On : 23/10/2022

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La edición de la emblemática semana de la moda de Nueva York (NYFW, por sus siglas en inglés) fue la primera en abrir la lista de eventos similares en septiembre.They follow London, Milan and Paris.

But this year, the amount of days that the NYFW lasted with the objective "to reduce the budget that buyers and international media must allocate to go to the appointment," explained the country, "said the country.

The parades are an average investment of US $ 200.000, according to Forbes.And, every time, "the return is more difficult," says a fashion consultant to the portal.For example, Marc Jacobs has spent US $ 1.750 per second in a show that lasts less than 10 minutes.

In addition, hiring a first level stylist can cost up to US $ 8.000 per day "to design a show that can be a job of 10 to 14 days," explains the fashionist website.

Esto es lo que aporta a la ciudad la semana de la Moda en Nueva York

How do brands invest? For the models, an international scope brand can pay between US $ 800 and US $ 1,000.While an influencer who sits in the front row can cost a company up to US $ 100.000.

Thus, designer Tanya Taylor tells the Morning Brew portal that participating makes her company back at least US $ 100.000 per season."I have tried everything to try to reach that number," he adds.

Therefore, Rebecca Minkoff, a women's clothing designer that appeared at NYFW this season, adds: "We ensure that this leads us to tangible results and sales".

Economic impact on fashion cities in New York.As for profits, he is the leader between similar events.It contributes almost US $ 900 million to the city, of which US $ 532 million comes from the expenses of direct visitors, according to the Expotextile portal.The parade gathers about 150.000 visitors per season.