Julia Fox creates her own nickname for her partner with Kanye West: "Juliye" Julia Fox creates her own nickname for her partner with Kanye West: "Juliye"

By : ujikiu / On : 28/07/2022

It is usually the press that baptizes a coupling couple with a nick...Doing it the same may seem presumptuous and, above all, spirit: an absolute need to give a substance to something that has just begun.But that to Julia Fox, Kanye West's new couple, little seems to care, because what she is looking for is that the Kimye is forgotten as quickly in the collective imaginary when the rapper was with Kim Kardashian.Hence, in his own Instagram stories, he has already found the perfect nickname for them: "Juliye".

Kim Kardashian se harta de las tonterías de Kanye West

The interpreter has preferred not to wait for the media to consolidate the love they profess and have echoed a small hashtag that some staunch fans of the musician had been using in social networks and that, obviously, mixes the name of theActress of raw diamonds with the syllable with which she wants to be known again Kanye: Ye (which she chose because it is the most repeated in the Bible, since it means "you").

Julia Fox crea su propio apodo para su pareja con Kanye West:

Julia, who will not turn 32 at all -and see what occurs to him, given her previous present-, has decided to be baptized just after his public debut as a couple in Paris Fashion Week, where they were thefocus of all eyes due to their combined light.Precisely for the announcement of "Juliye" he has chosen a photograph in which he appears posing with Kanye upon arrival at the Schiaparelli parade.

All this comes, in addition, at a time of boiling between the rapper and his ex -wife on account of her children: the businesswoman has told her security team that no one enters from her family and Kanye in her house, then already it is not.But that the musician does not accept him and wants to see his children whenever he wants, even at the house of his ex -wife.

And, as has ended up, Kim was at that time with his new partner, Pete Davidson, whom he has threatened in a song with hitting him.Kanye's response?Well, something similar to what David Bisbal did with Elena Tablada: he does not want his children to appear in Tiktok or social networks.There was no doubt, but this story will continue...