Fashion capitals: the best cities to go shopping

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These are the places that dislocate the most necks throughout the planet.If you walk through its streets and observe your people you will not be able to start asking you only one thing: would it be able to get out of the house wearing that?You will be in a place where clothing is a more tourist attraction along with spectacular monuments or exquisite cuisine.Because, for those who inhabit these ten cities, fashion is more than pieces of united fabric.It is identity.

Skyscanner brings you the best cities to go shopping and be fashionable.Do not miss a.

1.London, United Kingdom

Short hair, man pants, increasingly short miniskirts and flat shoes.The ‘mod’ style marked an entire generation.All girls wanted to look like the squalid Twiggy model.The 60s were probably the most iconic British fashion era having, of course, its epicenter in the capital.Since then, London expanded horizons creating his own fashion.The ‘punk’ was the next movement that was born from London streets.If you want to know who made tartan prints and worn fabrics fashionable, you just have to take a look at the designs of the British Vivienne Westwood.Bond Street and Oxford Street are the streets par excellence to buy fashion in London.

Vuela a Londres

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two.New York, USA

You know you are in the capital of the fashion world when, going through its streets, you see women walking without socks at temperatures that they have to the eyelashes.The "dead before simple" here they take it to the letter.It is authentic devotion what New York professes to clothes.And his fashion district is just an example of this passion.In just four streets, the largest number of businesses per square meter dedicated to the fashion of the entire planet is concentrated.The Garment District is not the only neighborhood dedicated fully to trends and design.The love for fashion has crossed Manhattan's borders until I reach Brooklyn.New more careless brands have been born there becoming a reference for style.With all this, it is no accident that New York was the first city in the world to organize fashion week.

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3.Barcelona, ​​Spain

Although it does not have a fashion week, this city attracts new and powerful emporiums of the textile industry anyway before any other Spanish city.Barcelona is a reference place for both visitors in search of new trends and for fashion brands that want their place in the Spanish market.Only in the same street in Barcelona center luxury fashion and ‘low cost’ stores share commercial offer.Not for nothing the price of the square meter on the Paseo de Gracia is one of the highest in the world.Precisely, its commercial framework and the minimalist and innovative style of those that inhabit in the Catalan capital are the reasons for Barcelona to be part of the most fashionable cities.

Vuela a Barcelona

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4.Tokyo Japan

This is, without a doubt, the mecca of the ‘Street Style’.‘Funky Punk’, modern samurais, watermelon prints, rock dancers ... a crossroads, styles and shapes walk through Japanese streets.The total lack of scruples of the Japanese is surprising when mixing tissues and patterns.Its inhabitants chew the trends they see on the catwalks, assume them and transform them.In a city that moves as fast as this is fashionable, it will have already mutated when you are reading about it.You can find even tourist companies that offer ‘tours’ for clothing stores, accessories and other fashion related.There are multiple routes depending on what you are looking for.

Vuela a Tokio

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5.Milano, Italy

Perhaps there were no fashion magazines or, of course, social networks to crown them as such.But in the Renaissance the Italian ‘it girls’ marked trend.Women like Caterina de Medici inspired others throughout Italy to have style.Since the eleventh century, Milan has disputed the throne of Italian fashion with Rome and Florence.This city had its moment of glory in the 70s and 80s.At that time, the fashion made in the city was more affordable but equally stylish.His first fashion week took place in 1958.The fashion quadrilateral is the most important shopping center in the capital.And the natural silk fabrics that are manufactured in the Lombard capital are the most coveted.

Vuela a Milán6.Paris France

Haute Couture and Paris are two concepts that inevitably go hand in hand.The French capital is undoubtedly the home of custom -made costumes, the most select jewelry and the most artificial accessories.Maria Antonieta was already a fan of extravagant and exclusive design that Parisian tailors devised for her.She had and the others, sewed.Thus fashion worked at that time.And so they focused their business Chanel, Balenciaga or Dior when they opened their doors in the French capital at the beginning of the last century.But the thing changes when Yves Saint Laurent appeared on the scene.Back by the 60s the ‘Pret-à-porter’ revolutionized the fashion industry.The idea was to produce haute couture and leave the thorough side.This ‘Je ne Sais quoi’ that has Paris has made the city the reference site of elegance and exclusivity.The haute couture designers from around the world know it well and come on a biannual pilgrimage at their fashion week.To go shopping, the Avenida de los Campos Elyseos.

Vuela a París

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Singapore is the Eden of Consumerism.In recent years, this city of Southeast Asia has expanded its commercial offer with majestic leisure centers and purchases.This, without a doubt, has catapulted Singapore on this list passing in front of Florence and Rome.Here you can find what you propose to a wide variety of prices.In addition, Singapore was the third city in the world to have a ‘fashion week’ with male section.Although let's say that the wet climate of this corner of the world does not invite precisely to dress with label costumes.Perhaps the fact that the city has the highest concentration of millionaires in the world helps sell more bowels.

Vuela aSingapore8.Berlin Germany

And the most commercial, to the original.Here the fashion we see both on the street and in fashion week are the same: young, fresh and something wild.One is a reflection of the other and vice versa.Here people want to see in the catwalks something that can later be put to fight the cold without losing style.Without a doubt, Berlin is one of those capitals where the fashion design is at the service of people.If you have the opportunity to visit the city in July and get an entry for fashion week, you can't miss Michael Michalsky's parade.This designer is known for organizing somewhat different catwalks.He was the first to parade 60 -year -old models and Mario Galla (a handsome German with an amputated leg).

Vuela a Berlín

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9.Sao Paulo, Brazil

If we think about the fashion of this part of the world, it is inevitable to associate it with effervescent prints, bikinis that remove the hypo and multicolored flip flops.But in the fashion week that takes place in this city you will not find precisely suggestive clothes or models with huge baskets of tropical fruits hanging from their heads.Minimalism and sobriety walk those days through the Brazilian city with avant -garde designs and ‘looks’ taciturnos.The designers of that country do the impossible not to think of Carmen Miranda when they outline clothes.After fifteen years of parades, Sao Paulo's fashion week has made a hole on the fashion map being the most prestigious in Latin America.

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10.Hong Kong, China

And we couldn't finish this ‘ranking’ without mentioning Hong Kong.If you look at the labels of any of the garments you wear, they will most likely be made in Hong Kong.It is a matter of logistics.Its sophisticated infrastructure and its strategic situation train this city to be one of the world fashion capitals.If you have the opportunity to visit her, you can't leave without a "Qipao".It is an elegant and traditional Chinese dress that conforms to the woman's body.Very appropriate for great occasions.

Vuela a Hong Kong

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