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By : ujikiu / On : 01/02/2023

After appearing in the presidential investiture wearing a dazzling shelter of Miu Miu, he she was emhoff began to shine.

A week after the inauguration of Joe Biden, the 22 -year -old stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris signed a contract the IMG company.In February he made his debut on the catwalk of New York Fashion Week and even launched his own collection of garments in March.

More recently, Emhoff spent his September attending the Met Gala, parades at Paris Fashion Week and has become the face of the Adidas By Stella McCartney line, and nobody is more surprised by his fashion icon statusthan her.

“Growing up, I never saw myself as someone elegant, at all!Obviously, I loved fashion and was aware of trends.But I really liked doing my own things and feeling really comfortable in my own body, you know? ”He explained to Elle.

"I never saw myself as a" fashionable person ".And I don't know if my colleagues also did! "

Ella Emhoff: “Nunca me vi a mí misma como alguien elegante” Register for free to continue reading

Being able to adhere to your "true instincts" when it comes to style is something that made Emhoff feel "really well".

“If I had to describe my style right now, it's not even a way of dressing.It is simply wearing clothes with which you feel good, not really influenced by what other people want you to wear, ”he explains.

“And also, do not get carried away by what you used to use, or what people believe you would use.Because it is not the clothes that you are using today.It is the trust you have and the ability to live your life with those clothes ".


Like many of the Z generation, sustainability is an important part of Emhoff's perspective, which is part of the reason he decided to sign with McCartney.

“She [Stella McCartney] is one of the most important leaders in this impulse for sustainability.She was first on the ground doing it, and she is not only creating sustainable products, but also new materials, ”says Emhoff.

"She is not only focusing on her own brand, but also in the industry itself ... I think that for a real change, it is not only that a person or a small group of people get involved.Is getting everyone to do it ".

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Emhoff adds that being a model is different from what it was a decade ago.“I think that modeling now is not just about modeling, but about creating a space for people who do other things, be it art, activism, writing, any kind of creation.

“I am very excited when I can do things and work with brands that really allow me not only to be a model, but also share my own thoughts and have [conversations] like this one in which I can talk about sustainability and activism in general.That is what excites me so much in the entire industry ".