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En el marco de la Expo 2020 DUBAI, una plataforma internacional que le da oportunidad a 192 países del mundo de exponer lo mejor que tienen que ofrecer, se perfila el Dubai Fashion Mexico, un evento que tomará las calles no sólo de Dubai, sino de la Ciudad de México al darse cita a los siete diseñadores mexicanos que pondrán el nombre de nuestro país en alto.On this occasion, Mexico will participate under the concept of reasoning mobility by which the monarch butterfly has been chosen as our symbol because it is a good representation of all those Mexicans who although they travel and leave the country, no matter how many kilometers, they always return to House.

Although 2020 was a tumultuous and difficult year for all industries, when it comes to fashion, the passage of Pandemia through COVID-19 represented its challenges and a series of changes of how massive events are carried out andof great relevance like fashion weeks.On the other hand, in Mexico, the impact of the pandemic in the industry was measured by the National Chamber of Industry and the dress as well as by the National Chamber of Textile Industry who suggest that sales fell between 70 and 95 byOne hundred, despite the fact that pandemia saw a growth in online purchases not only fashionable, but of all kinds of services such as supermarket and other types of objects.

This panorama makes it necessary to rethink the strategies that exist in the fashion sector, in which it is not only enoughThese creations are close to their users.

En este contexto es en el que ocurre el Dubai Fashion Show, dirigido por Brenda Jaet, quien tiene más de 15 años de experiencia como consultora en imagen física y ejecutiva, y más de 17 como conductora de televisión, siendo la moda y el diseño una parte esencial de su vida, carrera y por lo tanto de algo tan importante como este show.

Who are the seven designers who will have an appointment at the Dubai Fashion Mexico and the 2020 Dubai Expo:

Lydia Lavín

Lydia Lavín is a Mexican brand since 2005 with the purpose of creating contemporary Mexican fashion, emanating from your research.The brand and designer work closely with indigenous and artisan communities from several states of the country.Lydia Lavín has participated in all the editions of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to date, at the Berlin International Tourism Fair, the Fashion Edition of Buenos Aires and Germany’s Next Top Model.Lydia has been an academic of the Ibero -American University for more than 40 years, as well as a researcher, in understanding of indigenous communities, as part of the Indigenous Institute for the preservation of Mexican indigenous textile techniques, and the clothes they develop.The brand has participated in books and exhibitions such as "The Rebozo in Art, Culture and Fashion", in the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, and "The Art of Clothing and Fashion" in Mexico in Mexico.

Dubai Fashion Mexico: lo mejor de la moda México se da cita

Montserrat Messeguer

Montserrat Messeguer was titled in Textile Design, studied at the FIT of New York and at the American Academy of Paris.He has won recognized competitions and has been developed mainly as co-deseñer of Lydia Lavín.In 2017 he launched its homonymous brand, which focuses on the aesthetics of a more raw and less abundant Mexico: the northern region, its monochromatic crafts, the terrous palette of its deserts and cactus, the rawness of its materials and the weather.The style of your signature is cowboy because it is the style that defines it.The Montserrat Messeguer brand speaks of Mexico beyond the consumer.

Jasive Fernández

International partner and director of the Spanish brand Nice, opening a market in the European continent, Asian, Arab countries and the United States.Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit he took the family tradition to recently launch his own brand: Jasive.This is composed of Ready to Wear for every contemporary woman and is distinguished by her social sense to generate jobs in Mexico and empower women especially single mothers who are part of her team.His studies and business skills have allowed him to develop to the maximum in the fashion universe internationally.

Pineda Covalin

Pineda Covalin is an invitation and tribute.It represents the transmutation of ancient cultural expressions resurfaceing to the modern life of Latin America.It is the valuable testimony of our popular culture reflected in the mirror of the world.A fusion that demonstrates that within globalization there is also the opportunities to discover the great wealth that identifies the "global villages" and the characteristics that each region offers to the entire world.His designs are reinterpretation of our iconography, traditions, flora and fauna, gastronomy, among others.When the design is done in collaboration with some artisan, community, institute, museum or plastic artist there are reproduction agreements of the work where it is authorized to capture it in our fabrics always giving the corresponding credit and royalties.Pineda Covalin reveals the spirit of nations through a vibrant color palette that evoke the culture of the regions presenting in each collection the art and fashion union.

Armando Takeda

Armando Takeda studied in Mexico, Paris and London.He collaborated as a design assistant at Alexander McQueen and Bruno Pieters, creative director of Hugo Boss, worked for Paris Fashion Week, and in 2012 he began his own professional project in Mexico.The collaboration is the way of working of their brand, driven by the talent of the artisans, it is themselves who teach them about their old technique, meanings, materials, color use, designs, and then the brand innovates their artifacts and fuseshighest quality fabrics worldwide, in view of the importance of a global market.The supply of raw materials around the world enriches tradition.They propose that working and innovating culture together with artisans will provide continuous work that leads to economic growth in their marginal areas and the conservation of multiple cultures.The purpose is to create desirable and sellable high fashion pieces of culture and innovation.

Benito Santos

The interest in Benito Santos's fashion began at an early age, since he always highlighted in the drawing and sketch of female silhouettes with different costumes and shoes.Benito captures his talent mainly through the preparation of gala dresses.With innovative resources, hand and embroidery techniques in each of their dresses.Benito Santos has been presented at the most important fashion events in Mexico and Latin America such as: Intermoda, Minerva Fashion, Google + Fashion and Fashion Week of the Texas step among others among others.He has been invited to participate in: Fashion Week in New York, Fashion Week in Los Angeles and Vancouver.It has contributed to the fashion industry by rethinking the design in the country's sewing, it was awarded the National Fashion Award in 2014.His work is internationally recognized thanks to the red dress that Ximena Navarrete was wearing when Miss Universe 2010 was crowned.

Carlos Pineda

Carlos Pineda has achieved very important challenges in the fashion of his native Colima state, transcending, breaking social schemes and barriers, and continues to evolve his goal every day.“I like to think about myself as someone who is doing something to change the perspective of the world and, now that there is a lot of talk about the news about scarcity, disease and insecurity, I like to think that I contribute something to talk about Mexico in a positive way".Carlos Pineda received the The Fashion Group International Award from Mexico City, with the nomination as the best designer of the year with the 2019 proposal.He began designing for women in Colima and now has the responsibility of thinking about women from other parts of the world, thinking of other types of tissues and fibers that generate a different visual impact.

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