The ideal shoes: what is the perfect height that a taco must have so as not to cause pain

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Taco shoes are an object of both desire and suffering for many women.They are usually an essential accessory to lift any outfit, and stylize the figure in a way that other types of footwear do not do it.However, they can cause postural and foot problems, where the whole weight of the body is supported.

Christian Louboutin said that "heels are a painful pleasure" and Christian Dior added that "you can never neglect the choice of your shoes.Too many women think they are not important, but the real evidence of a woman's elegance is what wears at her feet ".Coco Chanel also thought the same: "A woman with good shoes is never ugly".

In dialogue with Infobae the traumatologist Héctor Masaragian president of SAMECIPP (Argentina of Medicine and standing and leg surgery) cleared doubts about the pains generated by the different tacos, the consequences they generate and suggested which is the best model to wear in thefeet.

- Do the pains generated by Taco shoes have a name in medicine?

- Yes.The most common are those that are presented in the previous support zone, called "Metatarsal" area.They usually occur with high taco shoes and discomfort is called "metatarsalgia", but it is a general name and can cover different pathologies of the foot.

- What are the consequences that can generate the use of shoes with taco?

- They usually predispose pathologies in support and fingers.They are plantar pressure overload zones that are clinically manifested with calluses on the sole of the foot.Other pathologies that are presented are Halux Valgus -called juane-, the fingers in claw, Morton's neuroma, etc.., usually for the use of tip or very narrow shoes with high taco.While these are not the true cause, it is an important factor in the generation of symptomatology.

- What height would be the one not to generate discomfort in the foot and back?

Los zapatos ideales: cuál es la altura perfecta que debe tener un taco para no provocar dolores

-The weight load is distributed between the heel and the forefoot zone.60% to heel and 40% if the person is barefoot.When the taco is 2 cm (the ideal) - it has the height of the width of a finger - the heel in general rises and the load is distributed in equal proportion, but as a larger height of the taco is chosen, it is common forproduce pain by retraction of the entire back of the lower limb with the consequent symptomatology in the lumbar area, the leg and foot.

If the person puts an 8 cm taco, the majority of the weight in the forefoot is loading.In addition, plantar flexion is almost canceled and ankle is mobilized less, therefore, with prolonged use, all the posterior musculature of the lower limb is retracted.

-What type of taco is the best: square, needle, with platform or without platform?

- A taco with platform, square or Chinese.These are much more stable than a needle taco for its support surface, since the ankle has to work more in terms of stability.For platforms, if it has a height too high, the patient will have greater instability.To do this, the important thing about the platform is the Drop -the difference between the height of the taco and the forefoot -then, if the platform is high but the difference in the heel and forefoot is enough, it is likely that it does not cause metatarsalgia and there would be noinconvenient in its use.The more height, the more unstable the ankle and foot will be.

- Do weight and height infer in the pains generated by the use of heel?

- The weight does not have a direct relationship with the use of taco.However, the more overweight you have, the more overload your foot will have.The height of the person does not alter the load at all.But when the patient uses for a long time and daily tacos, the muscular retraction that we mentioned before predisposes the appearance of metatarsalgia, pain in the calf and lumbar area.

Recommendations for foot pain

-Decize once they stop being used or when the feet require it.It is advisable to remove them for five minutes and perform circular or rotation movements with stretching to help blood circulation.

-Use gel or silicone templates or templates.Javier Díaz, a graduate in Kinesiology and Physiotherapy, had explained to Infobae about the importance of its use in summer sandals: "As benefits they provide better damping at the foot, comfort; they are soft and avoid blisters.They are recommended, since they exist from different designs and engage the finest summer footwear.There are some taloneras that have a slight biomechanical effect that helps people solve a slight pain ".

According to leading brands in the silicone pads market, they are designed to reduce the impact of body weight when walking with taco shoes.

Embeber the feet in a chamomile infusion.One of the best known herbs is mostly used in natural medicine due to the properties that it has relaxing and anti -inflamor.How to do it?Prepare two liters of boiling water and four tablespoons of chamomile;Once the mixture is made, submerge the feet or with a towel place it on the feet.This homemade preparation helps down swell and relieve pain caused by shoes.

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