The Autumn Gasteiz ON catwalk also moves to Iradier Arena

By : ujikiu / On : 03/08/2022

Sara López de Pariza

Iradier Arena continues to become a true multipurpose.In October it will host a new edition of the Gasteiz On catwalk, as the mail has been confirmed.For the first time, the space will be the scene of several parades in which trends will be shown for the next autumn-winter season.The most important fashion appointment of Vitoria thus returns to a closed place in these times in pandemic.

«We wanted to change location and since many agents are betting in recent months for the Iradier Arena to organize acts and events, we also wanted to contribute our grain of sand.It has become a centralized space for culture, ”they move from Gasteiz On, the largest association of merchants and hoteliers in the city.The building of the Renaissance Square will witness the 39th edition of the catwalk yet to close the specific date or dates.«The idea, and what we would like, is that it can be done for more than one day.Go to two days, although we still have to confirm it ».

In any case, this transfer to Iradier Arena is not a decision that intends to have continuity over time."It's a specific thing," confirm from Gasteiz On.In the last two editions of the event and with the present COVID, the organizers chose to make the outdoor parades with the difficulties that this entails.Although the result may be more colorful.Last May, the models paraded through the Archillos and in October 2020 they did it around the Florida kiosk coinciding with the Bicentennial of the central park.This time the garments will be shown under ceiling and the organizers will not have to be pending the weather forecasts until the last moment.Some businesses from the Alava capital have already confirmed their presence but is still about to close the definitive list of participants, so new ones can be added.

La pasarela de otoño de Gasteiz On se traslada también al Iradier Arena

From artium to the Europe

After developing for years at the Artium Museum, the catwalk had moved to the Europe Palace before the emergence of Covid.And there I could return after this step by an Iradier Arena that has become a centerpiece of the Puzzle of Cultural Spaces in Vitoria.The last great event that was held there was the closing gala of the Festval and at the end of September it will host a special edition of Azkena.October 3 is the last concert of the festival (M clan) and until Saturday, October 30 there are no scheduled events in the space managed by Kultura Bizia, so between these two dates the parades will take place.

La organización de Ardoaraba, el próximo reto sobre la mesa

Gasteiz On wants to recover this 2021 one of its great events: the Ardoaraba fair.At the moment it is more a desire than something firm, but the first steps have already been taken to become a reality.An example of this is the reserve during the December bridge of the places where the tents (the fueros, the province and the machete) are usually placed for the tasting of the wines and the local gastronomy.It is evident that the appointment will not be as before the pandemic but that tastings with previous reserve and pre -assigned seats could be carried out. En 2020 Ardoaraba se suspendió y solo se celebró la actividad 'Shop & Wine' en 18 establecimientos.In 2019, almost 87.000 people went through the event.

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