The (brand) jeans that stylize the most

By : ujikiu / On : 19/04/2022

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Jeans are a must have in our wardrobe, but in a world full of fits and washes, how do you find the perfect jean? Models that stylize, that feel good, that lengthen the leg, that do not make us wrinkles and that make us a perfect ass. All these premises are necessary to wear perfect jeans.

The classic jean is reinvented with new versions in shaping and push up key to show off your ass and legs, and in these brands you will find the models that best fit in different colors and styles.

In Jared Our fall crush are high-waisted wide-leg jeans and we have found the most flattering models

Levi's, Liu Jo, Lee, Salsa, Rails, J.Brand, Paige and Ayr are some of the brands that you have to keep on your radar because their jeans do not go unnoticed and they feel great. We propose 15 top models.

Salsa skinny black pants. A mid-waist design which perfectly enhances the curves, also has two removable and imperceptible cups that enhance the push-up effect. Its price is 89.95 euros.

Los pantalones vaqueros de (marca) que más estilizan

Dark blue skinny jeans with push up effect, a classic in Liu Jo brand jeans. Its price is 160 euros.

Gray skinny jeans from J Brand, the brand that all celebrities say have Photoshop effect jeans. The price is 199 euros.

Light blue straight pants from Levi's with the sculpt construction made with an innovative reducing panel in the abdomen area and with greater comfort and elasticity thanks to its soft fabric. Its price is 89 euros.

High waisted jeans in classic blue color. A slimmer, high-waisted style that sits on the hips and a super skinny fit from top to bottom, all the way to Lee's ankle. Its price is 89.95 euros.

Skinny pants in soft fabric with a push-up effect by Salsa. Its price is 89.95 euros.

Liu Jo gray skinny pants made of eco-sustainable fabric. Its price is 140 euros.

Super skinny high waisted skinny pants in blue from Levi's. Its price is 99 euros.

Salsa gray skinny pants, a soft push in secret fabric model, that is, they create a smooth tummy effect which helps to perfectly enhance feminine curves. Its price is 79.95 euros.

Classic Blue Frayed Skinny Ankle Pants from Rails. Its price is 168 euros.

Frayed ankle length trousers with distressed details from Ayr. Its price is 196 euros.

Black skinny jeans, a perfect classic to wear with day and night looks from Rails. Its price is 168 euros.

Black bell-bottom jeans, a model that slims and lengthens Lee's legs. Its price is 89.95 euros.

Dark blue straight fit slightly flared pants from Paige. Their designs lift the butt in fact the pockets are strategically placed, they lengthen the legs and slim the hips. Its price is 256.96 euros.

Ayr's jeans, specifically the skinny ones, make you a great guy, adjusting like a glove to the body thanks to its elasticity and shaping capacity. This classic model is priced at 170.40 euros.

Light blue high waisted skinny jeans from Liu Jo. Its price is 160 euros.

Gray Skinny Pants from J Brand. Its price is 217 euros

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