Miss Universe 2021: the candidates, profile, photos and biography

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Un total de 80 candidatas se encuentran en Israel para vivir la noche mágica cuando se elija a la mujer más bella del planeta. La elección se realizará el día 13, pero por la diferencia horaria se verá la noche del domingo 12 de diciembre a partir de las 19:00 (hora Ecuador).

Ecuador participa con la hermosa Susy Sacoto, quien es una abogada y estudiante de Medicina de Portoviejo de 24 años de edad tiene su propio proyecto. Se llama Ventana por la Vida, el cual crea conciencia para prevenir el glaucoma. El concurso Miss Universo insta también a votar por las candidatas.

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Miss Albania: Ina Dajci

Ina Dajci is an architect, model and artist. She received her architecture degree from the City College of New York at The City University of New York. His architecture projects consist of creating solution designs for humanitarian crises in different communities throughout the five continents he has visited. In addition, Ina defends ecologically sustainable designs, as she is an advocate of the environment and youth activism.

The National Historical Museum of Albania exhibited Ina Dajci's first painting collection as an artist. The 27-year-old speaks 6 languages ​​and runs the non-profit foundation 'Designing Good' aimed at promoting humanitarian, social and environmental design. Besides, it provides designs and financing for projects around the world.


Miss Armenia: Nane Avetisyan

The 24-year-old is the eighth child in a large family. She has 8 sisters and 2 brothers. Her philosophy of life is to live bravely, love people and the environment and not be afraid of anything.

In addition, he trusts in the power of dreams and considers it important to develop the mind, soul and body. Nane does not wear clothing or accessories made from animal skin or body parts.

Miss Aruba: Thessaly Zimmerman

Thesaly Zimmerman has a BA in Communications, which she obtained from her studies at Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands, where she studied International Communications and Media.

In her native country, Thesaly is the social media manager for a digital marketing agency. However, she also works on campaigns with the government to raise awareness about mental health among young people.

Thesaly is also an athlete. She participated in international tournaments, standing out as the number one tennis player in her category. The young woman speaks 4 languages, has traveled to 26 countries and was named an ambassador for Aruba, with which she hopes to become a role model.

Miss Bahamas: Chantel O'Brian

Chantel O'Brian earned her BA in Business and Enterprise from Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. The 27-year-old is the daughter of a Haitian immigrant and she faced financial difficulties growing up.


Chantel is also a member of the Majority and Minority Development Association and a certified youth leader from the Bahamas Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, and co-founder of The Leading Ladies Project. Both projects aimed at educating underprivileged girls and boys.

The young woman has a catwalk advisory and coaching agency: PS O'Brian Consulting, which also offers marketing and branding services.

Miss Belgium: Kedist Deltour

Kedist Deltour was born in Ethiopia but was adopted at the age of 10 by a Belgian family. Her biological mother died when she was 7 years old and her father was absent, so she acted as her siblings' caretaker.

Her name Kedist means 'light and hope', something the 24-year-old carries inside of her.

Miss Brazil: Teresa Santos

Teresa Santos is 23 years old and is studying the last year of her Psychology degree. Start in the jewelry and modeling business.

In 2018, he created a project whose objective is to educate children in his community in the English language. In addition, she has a social project for women in vulnerable situations, where they can receive psychological assistance and become professional through sewing.

Miss Bulgaria: Elena Danova

Elena Danova is 21 years old and studies Public Relations. She is a singer and an actress, but she hopes to one day become a journalist.

He loves art and likes to organize charitable initiatives.

Miss Cameroon: Michèle-Ange Minkata

Michèle-Ange Minkata tiene una licenciatura en geografía y trabaja en relaciones públicas y comunicaciones. Es defensora del empoderamiento en las mujeres, por lo que creó Angels & Queens, una academia para que las jóvenes puedan aprovechar su potencial interior.

The 25-year-old has also worked with the 'Smile Train' and 'Roger Milla' foundations to raise awareness for children born with cleft palates and to raise funds for children with sickle cell anemia.

In her free time, Michèle-Ange is passionate about art and music.

Miss Canada: Tamara Jemuovic

Tamara Jemuovic is the CEO and Founder of PHNX Cosmetics, a cruelty-free, Canadian-made makeup brand. She is also an international model for L'Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Rogers Communications, among others.

He has a degree obtained in Canada, and another from postgraduate studies that he completed in Hawaii. The 27-year-old has traveled to more than 30 countries and has been trained in different languages.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and desire to empower women are her daily inspiration and one of her main goals if she becomes Miss Universe.

Miss Chile: Antonia Figueroa

Antonia Figueroa has a degree in Environmental Civil Engineering and a Master's degree in Berlin related to renewable energy and Water and Wastewater.

The 25-year-old has also stood out throughout her life as an athlete, dabbling in disciplines such as boxing, basketball, surfing and taekwondo, in which she has a black belt. She has a 'Volunteers for Children' foundation, which attracts people who want to teach for free in the community.

Antonia also participated in the fourth season of the MasterChef program in her country. She speaks 4 languages ​​and knows how to play the violin.

Miss China: Shiyin Yang

Shiyin Yang studies at the Communication University of China, which she entered with the highest score on the exam. Her focus is the study and research of artistic and literary direction.

The 21-year-old became a volunteer when she was 13 and is currently involved in public welfare programs.

Miss Croatia: Ora Ivanisevic

Ora Ivanišević is 20 years old and studies Tourism Management with the hope of one day having her own hotel. He speaks 3 languages.

The young woman believes that the education of young adults is one of the priorities in life, because if all else fails, you can trust your education.

Miss Venezuela: Luiseth Materan

Luiseth Materán is 25 years old and obtained her BA in Communications with honors from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. She is currently the Director of Communications for CEOS, an international app that provides innovative learning skills.

She is a spokesperson for the prevention of HIV / AIDS, an advocate for the rights of people with Down Syndrome and fights for gender equality.

Luiseth is also an actress. She participated in a television series and is training in theater.

Miss Puerto Rico: Michelle Marie Colon

Michelle is a double major in biology and premed. She hopes to continue her medical career with a specialty in Dermatology. She is the president of the International Students Association at her university.

She is the founder of the organization 'CARE Empowerment Program', which carries out community projects and develops leadership in young people. Among her most notable projects are 'Gen2Gen' and 'Big Sister'. She has volunteered with CAP (Pediatric Cancer), Susan G. Komen (Breast Cancer) and Al Samaritan's Purse International Relief.

The 21-year-old also collaborated with the Puerto Rico National Guard for 6 months in different parts of the island to join the effort to vaccinate 70% of the population.

Miss Paraguay: Nadia Ferreira

Nadia is 22 years old and is an internationally recognized model. She is the executive director of NF (Nadia Ferreira), a company that seeks sustainable development for women who suffer from domestic violence.

He is also a social activist. She has participated with the First Lady of Paraguay with social aid programs such as 'Victoria' and 'Ñapuake'. It has also supported the labor reinsertion of women deprived of liberty with the Ministry of Justice.

Nadia is also a polyglot and an athlete.

Miss Nicaragua: Allison Wassmer

Allison Wassmer is 26 years old. She studied Graphic Design on a scholarship and now works as a flight attendant for Emirates Airline, through which she has traveled to more than 40 countries. He has a small business, 'Cerealismo' in which he works with his mother. Allison hopes that one day she will be a recognized brand in her country.

He loves art and music. She has a special interest in dance, ballet, and painting. She describes herself as a dreamy, fun woman, and with love for God, because she believes that it is the purest and strongest love.

Miss Mexico: Debora Hallal

Miss Universo 2021: las candidatas, perfil, fotos y biografía

Débora Hallal, 25, has certifications in Positive Psychology, Human Capital, Logistics and Event Organization, acquired at the university. She also has a degree in Business Administration.

His social project 'One Purpose' is aimed at inspiring and connecting marginalized people in the community. She has also battled hypothyroidism and is an ambassador for tourism in Mexico.

Miss Guatemala: Dannia Guevara Morfin

Dannia Guevara is 24 years old and studies Notary Law at the university. In addition, she obtained a scholarship to study a Master's Degree in Public Image and Strategic Planning for Media.

The young woman is also an athlete, having won competitions in karate and basketball. She is passionate about fighting injustices, since she lost her father and her brother to violence.

He currently works for children in Guatemala, focusing on child malnutrition, which affects 46.5% of children in his country.

Miss El Salvador: Alejandra Gavidia

Alejandra Gavidia is 25 years old and is passionate about public administration and politics. She is currently completing her second master's degree. He speaks English, French and Portuguese.

The young woman is dedicated to working on social projects that help the LGBTQIA + community and other groups in her country, such as sex workers, people with disabilities, people with HIV, among others. She wants to study a doctorate in psychology with a line of research in sexuality and interpersonal relationships to generate more research on the asexual community.

Miss Curacao: Shariëngela Cijntje

Shariëngela Cijntje has a law degree from Leiden University, with a certificate in fundamental human rights. She is currently finishing her master's thesis in corporate law.

The 28-year-old also works as a Legal Trust Over, as well as running her own e-commerce company 'Style Headquarters'. She broke into her own writing with her book 'Release Your Amazon', which empowers women to bring out the Amazon within them.

Shariëngela enjoys reading, listening to music, going to the beach and hopes to be an example for the women of Curaçao and the world.

Miss Czech Republic: Karolina Kokesova

Karolina Kokesova is 25 years old and was the winner of the Miss Global 2019 pageant. In addition, she has her own fashion brand business. She plans to expand her product offering and allocate a percentage to a foundation for abused animals.

She is interested in activism and empowering women. She is also part of foundations to help mistreated animals.

Miss Finland: Essi Unkuri

Essi Unkuri is 23 years old and founded her technology company when she was barely 21. The young woman studied Marketing at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, and her thesis was on influencer marketing.

She currently works in public relations, hosting, acting and modeling. She speaks 4 languages ​​and has traveled to over 20 countries. He has also been involved in foundations to help lonely and underprivileged seniors.

Miss France: Clémence Botino

Clémence Botino is 24 years old and has a degree in History. She studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris and is pursuing a Master's in Art History.

Participate in 'Les Bonnes fées', a French association that helps women who suffer from precariousness and illnesses. She is passionate about French culture and the local economy.

Miss Germany: Eloisa Jo-Hannah Seifer

Hannah Seifer is 19 years old and studies acting. Her goal is to study journalism later on, as she is passionate about communication.

He lived in Madrid and Bogotá so he is fluent in Spanish. She has traveled to 17 different countries, she loves learning about new cultures. She is committed to activism for the environment, dogs, and mental health.

Miss Ghana: Silvia Naa Morkor Commodore

Silvia Naa Morkor Commodore is 27 years old and has a degree in Business Administration from Radford University College. She is also a model and dancer. She believes that her talent can help vulnerable children find their passion.

For this reason, Naa Morkor Commodore dreams of building a dance school, although at the moment she is a wedding event planner. She is a native of Pampram, in the Greater Accra region of Ghana.

Miss Iceland: Elísa Gróa Steinþórsdóttir

Elísa works as a full-time international flight attendant, which has allowed her to visit 20 countries. In addition, she is partially dedicated to being a professional makeup artist and dance teacher.

Passionate about theater since she was little, she has been part of the show and represented Iceland on international stages twice. She participates in activism with the 'Píeta Samtökin' foundation, which raises awareness about suicide and self-harm.

Miss Russia: Ralina Arabova

Ralina Aravoba tiene 22 años. Ganó una beca para estudiar en la Universidad de Moscú. Actualmente estudia en dos universidades al mismo tiempo: Advertising, Relaciones Públicas y Derecho.

He practiced volleyball, basketball, skating, skiing and cycling. He likes stand-up comedy.

Miss Great Britain: Emma Collingridge

Emma Collingridge is 23 years old and has a degree in English. In addition to being a model, she has her own campaign #DrawTheLine, which fights gender violence through the empowerment of women.

Emma has been active in social causes since she was 16. She hopes to one day be an international author, whose voice will inspire the world. She is passionate about travel and adventure.

Miss India: Harnaaz Sandhu

Harnaaz Sandhu is an actress with two Punjabi LMS. The 21-year-old defends the empowerment of women and their rights. She was exemplified by her mother, who was a successful gynecologist and mentored Harnaaz in women's health.

Her favorite actress is Priyanka Chopra, she is passionate about yoga, dancing, cooking, horseback riding and playing chess. She also sings, and loves to dive into the water.

Miss Türkiye: Cemrenaz Turhan

Cemrenaz Turhan is 28 years old and studies management engineering at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul. She works with many NGOs that support fundraising donations for the deaf and children suffering from cancer.

She is a Unesco World Heritage volunteer and traveler. She is passionate about helping people, animals, and protecting the environment. She is a professional volleyball player in Türkiye.

Miss Sweden: Moa Sandberg

He is 26 years old and loves to express himself through art. She recently started an online business where she trains and empowers others to be the best.

Moa wants to raise funds to start her own hostel in Asia, and she studies sign language so she can communicate with everyone.

Miss Ireland: Katharine Walker

Katharine Walker graduated as a nurse in 2016. She has worked in pediatric and neonatal intensive care, as well as being on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She currently works as a radio host for Cool FM and recently launched her 'Call me Kat' podcast. The 27-year-old is also an activist against violence against women, which is why she created her social media campaign 'Kat's Call'.

Katharine is also learning sign language to communicate when performing live.

Miss Israel: Noa Cochva

Noa Cochva is 27 years old and served as a combat medic commander in the IDF. In addition, he studied pastry professionally in Israel and France.

Since she was 15 years old, she has volunteered for Zalul, an environmental organization that protects Israel's seas, rivers and streams. Noa is an entrepreneur, CEO and product manager, in the startup that she started in the field of interior design.

Miss Italy: Caterina Di Fuccia

Caterina Di Fuccia is 23 years old and is a teacher of children with special educational needs in a primary school. She is studying Elementary Education Science and plans to open her own school one day.

She is also an ambassador for 'Scarpetta Rossa', an organization that helps women who have suffered from violence.

Miss Japan: Juri Watanabe

Juri Watanabe is 26 years old and has a BA in International Development Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

She was born in Japan but grew up in the United States. Due to the mental health and identity problems that she experienced in her childhood, she today advocates for awareness and destigmatization of mental health.

Miss Kenya: Roshanara Love

Roshanara Love tiene un título en Derecho de la Universidad de Nairob, pero se destaca por su trabajo de modelaje y pasarela. Caminó en la Semana de la Moda de Nueva York con Zozibini Tunzi y Demi Leigh para Maxhosa.

In addition, he wrote and published the book 'Beyond The Darkness' in which he dabbles in meditation and humanitarian causes.

Miss Korea: Jisu Kim

Jisu Kim graduated from the Seoul Institute of the Arts with a major in theater arts and acting. The 23-year-old is passionate about the arts and hopes to be a musical actress one day.

He also dreams of creating a non-governmental organization aimed at protecting the environment.

Miss Kazakhstan: Aziza Tokashova

Aziza Tokashova has degrees in economics and marketing from Omsk Humanitarian University. The 27-year-old is interested in communication and public relations.

He was active in charity work with an emphasis on children with cerebral palsy. Her dream is to create a solidarity dance whose funds will support these children.

Miss Kosovo: Shkurtesa Sejdiu

Shkurtesa Sejdiu is 19 years old and is a model who has participated in various agencies inside and outside of Kosovo. She is passionate about fashion and hopes to be a role model for all young women.

Shkurtesa also collaborates with organizations to help victims of trafficking and support women's rights. She speaks Turkish and English.

Miss Laos: Tonkham Phonchanheuang

Tonkham Phonchanheuang is a professional acting star and supermodel. His passion is inspiring young people to achieve their goals. The 26-year-old is involved in charitable activities in her community to alleviate poverty in Laos.

Miss Greece: Sofia Arapogianni

Sofía Arapogianni is 21 years old and studies at the Merchant Marine Academy. Her main goal is to become a captain and also do charity work and work as a model. Her dream is to show the importance of the relationship between mother and son.

Every summer he works at his family business in Ithaca.

Miss Dominican Republic: Debbie Aflalo

Debbie Aflalo is 28 years old and graduated with honors in international relations and diplomacy. She is now pursuing a master's degree in international trade.

Debbie comes from a bicultural background with an Israeli father who served for 13 years as a senior rank in the Israel Defense Forces and a Dominican mother. She has a technical degree in fashion and clothing. Her favorite hobbies are gardening and volleyball.

Miss Denmark: Sara Langtved

Sara Langtved is 26 years old and has been an environmental advocate for many years. She is confident that if we all work together we can create a greener planet for our future children.

Sara has a deep passion for animal rights and frequently visits animal shelters around the world. She works in the legal department of a Danish university, Copenhagen Business School. He is completing his bachelor's degree in human resources, hopes to get an MBA one day and build his own company.

Miss Panama: Brenda Smith

Brenda Smith is 27 years old. She was born in the United States to a Panamanian father and a Mexican mother. He has always shared his pride in the intersectionality of his identities. Her experience with discrimination, particularly racism and xenophobia, inspired her to stand up for social justice and human rights.

As a human rights fellow at the United Nations, she has created concrete changes that have led her to be part of the 100 most influential people of African descent. At the age of 21, she achieved her goal of visiting 21 countries traveling the world with a 70-liter backpack.

Miss Spain: Sarah Loinaz

Sarah Loinaz, 23, is an advocate for the oceans, teaching Spanish children about recycling methods. She is the founder of the company 'Recycle, Sea, Action'.

Sarah studies business management at the University of the Basque Country and the UDIMA Online University in Madrid. He grew up in a family with different customs and cultures because of his Spanish father and his mother from Agadir, Morocco. He is fluent in different languages: Spanish, Arabic, English and Basque (Basque).

Miss Haiti: Pascale Belony

Pascale Belony is 25 years old and was born and raised in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. She completed her studies at the University of Florida where she graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and a Bachelor of Nursing.

Pascale is proud to be the youngest member of the Board of Directors of 'P4H Global', a non-profit organization with a mission to transform Haiti through education. She serves as a health education consultant for large organizations such as 'Hope for Haiti' and the Haitian Ministry of Education. She is an advocate and ambassador for 'Mamababy Haiti' which provides free prenatal education and resources to women.

Miss Mauritius: Anne Murielle Ravina

Anne Murielle is 26 years old and hails from Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean. She has a degree in Political Science and has been recognized in both Rodrigues and Mauritius for the various projects that she manages.

STAR AGENCY, which deals with youth. HERS RODRIGUES, which empowers women against domestic violence and GLOBAL SHAPERS RODRIGUES COMMUNITY, a global youth movement.

At the age of 12, she lost her mother and was left in the care of her grandmother, who is now her role model. She works at a University that teaches Humanities, art and design. Her hobbies are drawing, painting and designing dresses.

Miss Slovak Republic: Veronika Šcepánková

Veronika is 26 years old and has a degree in international business. She works as a real estate agent at BLANC Reality.

When she was a child, she moved to Prague with her family. Passionate about cooking, she has 2 eyes of different colors, one brown and one green.

Miss Peru: Yely Rivera

She is 25 years old and is an advocate of personal growth through physical, emotional and spiritual development. She works for The Success Clinic company that provides this type of service.

She is a graduate of Business Administration and Marketing. She became independent from her family at the age of 16, she has been a fighter and works hard to achieve her dreams. He was born at the foot of a volcano in the city of Arequipa. Her sister Kalin Rivera was top 10 at Miss Universe 2019.

Yely practices quantum meditation, a type of meditation that allows you to connect within yourself and visualize what you want in life.

Miss Jamaica: Daena Soares

Daena Soaeres is 22 years old and is a beautician. She was born in the parish of Manchester but raised in St. Elizabeth's. Government and non-governmental organizations have been associated in the fight to create equal access to resources and opportunities for women and girls. Swimming is one of his favorite hobbies.

Miss Equatorial Guinea: Martina Mituy Avomo

Martina Mituy is 19 years old. She studies petrochemical engineering and worked as a caregiver for the elderly in a nursing home. He speaks Spanish and French. He has traveled to Spain, Cuba, Cameroon and Gabon.

Miss Vietnam: Nguyen Huynh Kim Duyen

Nguyen Huynh Kim Duyen is 26 years old and wants to inspire all young women and girls to believe in their inner power and education.

Since 2019 he has been proud to co-found the 'Spreading the Love' Foundation which aims to help underprivileged students continue to pursue their educational dreams. Nguyen has community activities in health care including HIV/AIDS program and environment. In addition, she is an ambassador for the Vietnam Solar Energy Park.

Miss Ukraine: Hanna Neplyakh

The 24-year-old has a degree in Engineering, is dedicated to art and paints pictures. She actively blogs and motivates girls to truly love each other, reveal their femininity, and provide psychological help to victims of domestic violence because she herself went through this experience.

She also loves to travel and has already visited 30 countries, inspired by different cultures and lifestyles. She is fond of animals and regularly helps out at shelters.

Miss Thailand: Anchilee Scott-Kemmis

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis is a Thai model. She graduated from the University of Sydney. Majoring in sociology, she started a social media campaign called #RealSizeBeauty to address constructed beauty standards. The 22-year-old wants the Thai people to look beyond their outer beauty. She is a curvy model there are not many curvy models in Thailand.

Miss South Africa: Lalela Mswane

Lalela Mswane is a model, dancer and law graduate. She studied ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) before graduating from Pretoria University. She entered Miss South Africa in search of a childhood dream and because she possesses compassion, leadership and social skills.

The 24-year-old hopes to make an impact by tackling the unemployment problem in South Africa. She also dances Flamenco.

Miss Singapore: Nandita Banna

At 21 years old, he is passionate about sustainability and the use of technology to improve people's lives. Nandita is studying for an undergraduate double degree programme: Business Management and Information System at Singapore Management University.

She has been a mentor to underprivileged children at 'Care Corner Singapure' providing emotional support and playing games with them. As a defender of sustainability, she cleans beaches and recycles. He likes to learn languages, yoga and plays kalimba.

Miss Romania: Olimpia Elena Carmina Cotfas

Olimpia is a 20-year-old radio host, health advocate, history student, former professional volleyball player, and model. Her main goal is to be a university professor. She played volleyball for 5 years, took singing lessons for 9 years and piano courses.

Miss Portugal: Oricia dos Santos

Oricia Dos Santos is 27 years old. She has a degree in fashion image, styling and audiovisual media from Condé Nast College and the Carlos III University of Madrid. This allowed him to participate in fashion productions for magazines such as 'Vogue', 'Vanity', and 'GQ'.

She also defends causes such as cancer prevention and support for the mourning of her own experience with her mother. She graduated with honors as a nurse, but fashion is her passion.

Miss Poland: Agata Wdowiak

Agata Wdowiak has a degree in business administration and is currently studying Nanotechnology. She is passionate about music, she graduated from music school with honors, she has been playing the piano for 13 years. He enjoys swimming and was able to become a lifeguard.

In addition, the young woman advocates for climate change as an ambassador for a Polish campaign against air pollution. She supports charities 'Great Orchestra Of Christmas Charity' targeting pediatric and elderly care and 'Krwinka' which funds healthcare for children with cancer. His happy place is California where you spend every summer. He loves extreme sports.

Miss Philippines: Beatrice Luigi Gomez

Beatrice is a community development worker and reservist with the Philippine Navy under the 82nd Marine Battalion Reserve at the Eastern Visayas Naval Reserve Center. She is a proud bisexual who became the first member of the LGBTQIA+ community to win the Miss Universe Philippines title.

He is currently studying for a degree in mass communication at the University of San José. She is an advocate for youth empowerment and has worked closely with children. She played on the varsity volleyball team for 6 years.

Miss Nigeria: Maristella Okpala

She is a flight attendant for Emirates Airlines. She is passionate about education and the environment. He earned his master's degree in public health from Imo State University in Nigeria. Advocate for early childhood education and child abuse prevention. It has empowered pregnant women with the support they need for prenatal and postnatal care.

The 28-year-old collaborates with ACI (Africa Clean Up Initiative) NIGERIA in her quest to promote recycling and waste management practices. She conducts free malaria tests for people living in the community.

Miss Norway: Nora Nakken

She is 23 years old and has a degree in Marketing Management from Handelshøyskolen BI. She is studying for her second degree in Media Science from NTNU Campus Tromdheim.

Besides, he works with 'Natteravenene' an NGO based on mental health. This means a lot to her because she has lost friends to mental health issues. She loves to paint and make pearl notes, she loves animals, she likes to travel and discover new things.

Miss Nepal: Sujita Basnett

Sujita Basnet is 28 years old. She has a BS in Biomedical Engineering and currently works for Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company, using her own life as an example. She likes technology and beauty pageants and wants to promote the power of being a woman through this duality. She is an advocate for education and financial freedom.

She is the director of the Miss Nepal USA pageant and was the youngest person to be awarded a Peace Scholar through the Advocacy Project at the age of 19.

Miss Netherlands: Julia Sinning

Julia Sinning is passionate about creativity and getting out of her comfort zone. The 25-year-old received her degree in communication from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and her professional film actress certificate from the Film Actors Academy Amsterdam.

His message is to transform the perfect image into something real. She is an advocate for Hulphond Holland and keeps lonely older people company. Their goal is to create an educational program for children about cyber bullying.

Miss Namibia: Chelsi Shikongo

Chelsi Shikongo is a self-taught creative entrepreneur, comedian and built her comedy brand called 'Namibian Girl Humor' She has worked on sets and events as a makeup artist and special effects. She currently studies Development and Business.

The 24-year-old wants to start her foundation called 'The Chelsi Shikongo Foundation' to advocate for the implementation of the food donation law.

Miss Malta: Jade Cini

Jade Cini is 26 years old and graduated with an honors degree in elementary education. She is a full-time teacher and passes on her knowledge to children between the ages of seven and eight. Passionate about the arts, she has studied dance, practiced singing and has acted in various local productions.

She aspires to become a successful contest coach. She advocates for a more inclusive approach towards children with learning difficulties and different needs. She would like to write books for children with dyslexia.

Miss Ecuador: Susy Sacoto

Susy Sacoto has a law degree and is currently studying medicine. The 24-year-old created a program that would benefit Ecuadorian families with limited financial resources in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of glaucoma.

Susy is also interested in martial arts and the artistic world, with special interest in singing and the piano. She is also passionate about giving acceptance and self-love talks to women who have suffered from abuse.

Miss Costa Rica: Valeria Rees

Valeria Rees is 28 years old and is studying law. She is interested in helping her community to have a healthy lifestyle, so she helps families in poverty by distributing food.

The young woman wants to raise awareness about eating disorders, as she survived anorexia. Valeria created an organization called 'Open Cage' for people struggling with this disorder.

Miss Cayman Islands: Georgina Kerford

Georgina Kerford has trained as a dancer for 15 years. The 18-year-old has studied more than 10 dance styles and is passionate about the arts.

In addition, he is a leader in the organization 'Darkness To Light Program' that specializes in preventing child sexual abuse. For Georgina, education raises awareness about mental health issues.

Miss British Virgin Islands: Xaria Penn

Xaria Penn is 18 years old. She is a model and studied Human Services at Hamilton Lavity Stoutt Community College to become a child psychologist.

She is also associated with the Cancer Association of the British Virgin Islands to raise awareness about breast cancer and to be able to make an organization in honor of her aunt, who passed away from this disease.

Miss Jamaica: Danea Soares

Danea Soares is 22 years old and is a beautician. She was born in the parish of Manchester, but brought up in the parish of the basket of bread of St. Elizabeth. Organizations have been associated with creating equal access to resources and opportunities for women and girls.