María Félix's animal print shirt returns as a trend in 2022

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FashionStraight from the '70s and ready to pair with jeans, skirts, and blazers... The animal print shirt makes a grand comeback, and we'll tell you how it goes.

By Anna Maria Giano

The animal print shirt has become one of the essential garments in the women's wardrobe. It is an eclectic, rich and classic piece in every sense of the word. Perhaps it is not possible to think of ready-to-wear without its existence.

The animal print garments have a perfect animal geometry, and within their spots, they are ultimately neutral and go with everything. That is why they are easily combined both in the most elegant moments and in the most relaxed. You can wear it with a blazer, with jeans, with midi skirts and even with palazzo pants. The animal print shirt has a history full of great brands and great characters.

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The history of the animal print shirt

It was Christian Dior who first included animal print or animal print for the first time in fashion. (And it is that for centuries it was synonymous with masculine character, with fur used as a symbol of triumph from ancient Greece to Egypt).

Precisely on February 12, 1947, the maison presented for the first time on a catwalk the animal print suits baptized with the names Jungle and Bamboo, thus introducing a trend that would definitively revolutionize the 60s and 70s thanks to Ken Scott and Valentino (who dressed Jackie Kennedy in animal print), as well as designers Gianni Versace and Halston.

La camisa animal print de María Félix regresa como tendencia en 2022

Later, the animal print became the characteristic print of firms such as Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as the favorite of great movie stars such as María Félix, Audrey Hepburn, Marle Dietrich and Juliette Gréco.

Part of its success lies in its bohemian and classic style as a result of the almost perfect repetition of patterns such as spots, stripes and earth tones.

Here we leave you 9 looks to combine animal print shirts perfectly:

1. The animal print shirt

This print evokes the splendid two-tone fur of big cats, translating the black and caramel spots of the leopard. Its light brown base is essential, as it easily adapts to any skin color, enhancing looks with a warm and luminous colour, while the black accents are excellent for creating tone-on-tone combinations with pants and accessories in total black.

To combine with jeans and create a casual look, this particular animal print shirt can also be part of a coordinated suit total look or with an elegant midi skirt.

2. Striped animal print: zebra, tiger or giraffe

From the irregular polka dots of the leopard, we move on to the sinuous lines of the zebra or the tiger, with t-shirts in the 70s aesthetic. As is often the case with this type of print, the natural colors are perfect in more capricious combinations, in classic black and white or black and brown, which can also come in vivid colors: From gold to bright orange you can go all the way to neon and exaggerated tones.

For lovers of stripes who want to dare with a new animal print, the zebra makes way for the giraffe, due to the mixture of colors so contrasting that it will attract all eyes.

3. The python print shirt

Exotic python skin, with its tangle of iridescent scales and geometric patterns, is the most sophisticated inspiration for an animal print T-shirt. First of all, the particular color combination of neutral tones, which goes from gray to beige and then to white, is versatile and easy to combine, both with light and nude tones and with darker and more intense colours.

In addition, its print of neat patterns arranged vertically is ideal for giving each outfit a sinuous and sensual touch. The most recommended combination? Undoubtedly that of tone-on-tone garments, choosing pants, skirts and jackets in colors that reflect harmony. The final effect is impeccable, elegant, classic and ideal to wear 24 hours a day.

4. The animal print shirt: the options to buy now

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