Hulk, Cristiano, Ramos, Traoré: the most brutal body changes of footballers

By : ujikiu / On : 25/04/2022

The great soccer stars will do anything to get an advantage over their opponents. And that means more work in the gym, sculpting their bodies and lifting weights to gain extra muscle. In addition, the cult of the body and its healthy routines are one more claim on Instagram, the other business of many elite soccer players.

But these stars have had a before and after and did not always show the physical appearance of a bodybuilder. In fact, the transformation of their bodies in recent years has been surprising. Here are some of the stars who have undergone the most dramatic changes:


When he was young, his coaches used to say that the five-time Ballon d'Or winner was too skinny. But over the years, Ronaldo went from lanky winger to power forward thanks to a strict exercise regimen. "I think my body can improve," Ronaldo said. “With dedication and hard work in the gym, I got a lot better at it; at the end of the day, it all depends on the mentality of the person”. A Pilates-based routine that focuses on resistance work to strengthen her core is also key to her success, reportedly giving the Portuguese star the body of a 23-year-old. Now, the brand new signing of Manchester United hopes to reap great successes in his return to Old Trafford from Juventus at 36 years old.


When Rashford burst onto the scene in 2017 as a fresh-faced 19-year-old, his body was still developing, little more than skin and bone. But having Ronaldo as a role model at the club when he was young was a big help. The striker closely watched his now-teammate in training, adding strength and conditioning work to technical training, which has given him a more muscular physique today. Footballer and activist this year he was on the cover of Men's Health UK where he amazed with his impressive muscles. Fan of CR7 can already boast of muscles like him. Over the past year, he has successfully lobbied the UK government to change its policy on free school meals, became the third-youngest Manchester United player to score 50 Premier League goals and was made a member of the Order of the British Empire. The key to his physical change may lie with Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge.


The Bayern Munich striker has undergone a dramatic turnaround and it's all thanks to his nutritionist wife Anna. Competing at the highest level in the Bundesliga and the Champions League demands a lot of effort and one of them has been putting himself in the hands of his wife Anna, who is a nutritionist and is in charge of her rigorous diet.

Hulk, Cristiano, Ramos, Traoré: los cambios corporales más brutales de los futbolistas

“Robert told me that the big change in his career was when he reached the elite clubs. He radically changed what he ate. The day of the game he takes a lot of protein. And he always has tuna for breakfast, ”confessed his partner in the Poland team, Thiago Cionek.

“Also, he avoids everything that has gluten and lactose. The day before playing, after dinner, he still ends with a plate of rice pudding to fill the body with carbohydrates and glucose thinking about the game the next day. Then, in recovery, he eats a lot of vegetables and avocado, ”he told ESPN, after his compatriot received The Best trophy.

In an interview granted to the 'Welt am Sonntag' Lewandowski confessed that he does not consume dairy products. “I used to have cereal with milk for breakfast and I felt a bit sluggish before training. Now I only drink almond, coconut or rice milk. I have even given up soy and wheat milk. I really like sweets and before I ate milk chocolate, now my wife gives me a piece of 100% dark chocolate”. Several players of the Polish national team have decided to follow his example and put themselves in the hands of Anna to improve his physical form.


A devastating combination of pace and power. Traore's game has advanced in leaps and bounds and social media has exploded with photos of him showing off biceps that would have put any Hollywood action hero to shame. But despite the muscles of him, Traore insists that he doesn't do any weight training. "My training? I don't do weights, ”she confessed in an interview. “It's hard to believe, but I don't lift weights. "Is genetic. I work out, but I gain mass very quickly.” His physique has nothing to do with what she showed in the Spanish Under-16 team.


You don't get the nickname 'The Beast' and a 98 strength rating in FIFA 20 just like that. Football's strongest man, Akinfenwa, 39, irritates defenders playing for Wycombe Wanderers in League One. To fuel his weight sessions, the striker also eats like a beast, though his weight goes up and low.

Akinfenwa has become a true celebrity in English football, without even playing in the elite, due to his aesthetics and his disproportionate physique, which is far from the usual canons of the world of football.

The good Adebayo Akinfenwa, apart from his work as a footballer, dedicates his time to the world of bodybuilding, and that is why he has a physique at the height of very few, and that is how he stands out whenever he plays a football match .

Exceeding 100 kilos in weight and a height of 1.80 meters, he is a nightmare for opposing defenders. In recent years, thanks to greater media power, he has even launched his own clothing line, known as «Beast Mode«, which refers to a lifestyle and mentality that he himself recognizes, when he aspires to overcome all odds. barriers that come your way. “


The Hulk's physique has always been on another level. He is not the typical physique of a footballer, nor is the evolution that he undergoes during matches, in which he can lose five kilos in the course of 90 minutes.

Givanildo Vieira Luis Fernando de Souza, as he is actually called, drew attention to his brutal physical change in 2020 when he shared a series of images of him on social networks. In them he could appreciate how he had toned his legs and arms, making the most of his body during the confinement that he lived in China due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hulk currently plays for the Shanghai SIPG of the Chinese Super League, and the stoppage of activities due to the pandemic forced him to be locked up for more than 4 months.


Sergio Ramos' change over the years has been spectacular. The former Real Madrid captain's Instagram account is riddled with high-intensity training videos. When he was at Sevilla, he was just a defender. Now, he is the real deal. "My training routines at home are usually focused on functional and isometric exercises, always ending with some cardiovascular work," the recent Paris Saint-Germain signing revealed. And for Sergio, a healthy breakfast is perfect to start the day. He revealed, “I usually have a coffee, a whole grain bread with protein like turkey breast or a poached egg, and a piece of fruit.” At 35 years old, there is nothing left of that rather skinny central defender who arrived at Real Madrid.


There is no doubt about it, Elokobi is beastly. The former Wolves star, who now plays for National League side Maidstone United, was always a crowd favorite because of his size and incredible muscles. Not surprisingly, he earned the nickname 'The Body' at Molineux because he was pure muscle. The defender even stripped down on the catwalk during a charity fashion show at the club.


The Inter Milan striker takes his training very seriously. The former Manchester United star, Sánchez, enjoys working out alone and often shares his gym routines on social media. In his latest posts, he sports calves and quads that defy the laws of physics. Alexis has shown a significant increase in muscle mass that allowed him to add to his natural ability, a plus to play divided balls and endure the entire game at the same pace.