Dilone talks about how he became Pat Cleveland for the Halston series

By : ujikiu / On : 02/04/2022

ModelsAfter conquering the catwalks, the New York model, of Dominican descent, Dilone, is preparing to give way to her first love, acting.

By Amira Saim

In modeling, as in life itself, the surprise factor is always very important and Dilone, that well-inherited Dominican tumbao from New York, has more than one… That is her success.

Accustomed to seeing models on the catwalk without any kind of facial expression, the most beautiful surprise of this 1.80 meter tall woman is her smile, affable and contagious, with a childish touch that contrasts exquisitely with her figure. amazon. Yes, her smile sells as much as her serious and seductive face.

Dilone's second surprise is her family. The model has nine siblings (five women and four men) all with the same features, so she is surprised that they have not yet been chosen for the next campaign of a casual clothing brand that wants to target the Latin market. Winning idea, if you ask us. Her family is large, since they hardly see each other anymore and, according to her own account in more than one interview, "everyone gets involved in everyone's business" and, apparently, everything is fine. Any Latino will perfectly understand that type of harmony that is often not so great but that endures anything at the point of eternal affection.

Then there are Dilone's first loves and no, we are not referring to her first kiss or her first crush, but to those passions that gave her the space and the tools to express her true essence, we are referring to dance and acting, same to which he dedicated himself in his school years until the flashes and catwalks came into his life.

For her sake, both disciplines paved the way for Dilone to become the supermodel she is today. The dance guaranteed him the demeanor and delicacy of movement to appropriate any parade in which he appears and the performance gave him that chameleonic capacity that is key before the cameras and that allows him to become any type of character that the cover or the campaign require.

Dilone habla de cómo se convirtió en Pat Cleveland para la serie Halston

With her name already recognized within the Fashion Industry, the New Yorker is now preparing to reconnect with acting and that first approach has been done by the hand of three greats, two from fashion and one from entertainment: Roy Halston, Pat Cleveland and Ryan Murphy. Nothing bad.

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By Lilah Ramzi

If you have not yet fallen for the delicious marathon that is the new Netflix Halston mini series, there is no time to lose and dedicate your next weekend to this plan and, if you do, pay attention to that slender figure that spins on the catwalk of the legendary designer, played by Ewan McGregor. That's Dilone, in the heels and platform of -nothing more and nothing less- than Pat Cleveland, that Halstonette who was part of that circle of creative New Yorkers who defined the 70s and sentenced a style of walking (and modeling) that today inspires many and that Dilone mastered like no one else.

We spoke with the model about the challenge of bringing Cleveland to life, the power of a Halston look, and his future plans as an actress.

How did you get involved in the Halston series?

Casting had contacted my modeling agency looking for real models, so I auditioned in a Halston dress lent to me by a friend and got the part.

How was the experience of participating in this project?

We shot during the pandemic, so the cast and crew wore personal protective equipment between shoots, which made it a little harder to connect, but we made it through. It was my first big production set that I participated in to act. I was really soaking it all up, looking at all the moving parts, learning from the talent and comparing it to what I've experienced in fashion. I've heard so many stories about how wild and fun it was to be fashionable 'back in the day', so recreating it for Halston was such a special gift.

What does it feel like to wear a Halston?

Glamorous and effortless.

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By Melissa Vargas

What did playing Pat Cleveland mean to you?

Pat has always inspired me with his beauty, grace and playful curiosity. There is no one who moves like her! She has a real zest for life and a wonderful sense of humor. We have worked together a couple of times and each time she surprises me with her humility and her heart. She is so kind. It was an honor to pay tribute to such a legend and I personally wish more of her had been featured on the show. She deserves her own show of hers!

How did you master her famous turn on the catwalk?

We had charming runway legend Billy Erb on set choreographing.

What do you think Pat Cleveland means to the world of fashion?

She is a true artist and her story is colorful and nothing short of exciting. She has contributed a lot to fashion and she was a muse for Halston and many designers.

Are you pursuing a career as an actor? If so, which characters interest you and why?

There are so many characters that interest me and inspired me growing up. I'm a bit superstitious so I prefer to keep my dreams to myself. I will just say that I would love to be able to have a range.