Carlota Casiraghi parades for the first time for the haute couture Chanel with look and mounted on horseback!

By : ujikiu / On : 18/10/2022

Mobile above that has entered Carlota Casiraghi mounted on horseback to open the haute couture parade spring summer 2022 of Chanel.Look that Maison had advanced that she was the image of this new campaign with a fashion film by Carlota, as the protagonist, gallopando.But we would never have imagined that this was the prelude to today's great surprise, in which it is the debut about Carlota Casiraghi's catwalk.

She has been muse and ambassador of the firm for many years, and like her mother, Carolina de Monaco, is already one of those fashion referents that fall in love.

This Momentazo by Carlota Casiraghi entering the horse on the Chanel's haute couture catwalk in Le Grand Palais Ephemere de Paris, will surely become part of the story, since it is the first of the Monegasca royal family that parades andHe does it this way.Without a doubt the best way, since Carlota's fans to equestrian is known, and this is a clear tribute to that great passion that has been accompanying her all her life.

Carlota's look, leggins black, high equestrian design boots and Chanel's great iconic garment: Tweed American, this time black with shine.An impeccable look to show the line of this new collection and perfect for riding.

Carlota Casiraghi desfila por primera vez para la Alta Costura Chanel con lookazo ¡y montada a caballo!

No doubt one of those big surprises that fashion professionals present did not expect, and that is already going around the world.

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