The last miracle of Spanish fashion: the shoes that take us to our origins

By : ujikiu / On : 02/10/2022

In the era where the fashion for synthetic fabrics and frantic shopping seemed to monopolize the market, many consumers have led a movement contrary to that trend: slow fashion.

They look for products that are distinguished by their sustainability and local and respectful manufacturing, both with the environment and with their workers. This has allowed, against all odds, that artisan trades in decline can recover thanks to entrepreneurs who return to their origins. And this is the case of the artisan shoe industry in Elche (Alicante) and Yuccs shoes, a 100% Spanish brand that has revolutionized footwear fashion, thanks to the vision of its CEO and founder, Pablo Mas. The commitment of this Mallorcan entrepreneur consists in the recovery of raw materials and the promotion of a sustainable and, above all, local business model.

Committed 'Sneakers'

“The critical situation our planet is going through is making consumers increasingly aware, who seek both respect for the environment and the transparency of the brands they consume”, reflects Mas. “In other words, customers want it to be manufactured in their country, guaranteeing the conditions of all workers. And Yuccs, since its inception, has opted for the values ​​of sustainability and local production, knowing how to anticipate demands and, therefore, listening to consumers to offer a different product, which did not exist until now in Europe”.

The figures confirm that this philosophy is the key to success. The Spanish brand was born in 2018 and has gone through the pandemic and the crisis with a growth of 400% and more than 200,000 shoes sold through its online store.

The latest miracle of Spanish fashion: the shoes that take us to our origins

The design was born in Mallorca —where they have just opened their first physical store— and its manufacture comes into the hands of the master craftsmen of Elche, a mecca for the shoe industry since the mid-20th century. This is where the manufacturing process takes place, with traditional techniques that take advantage of the most avant-garde innovation in natural materials, such as merino wool, bamboo or sugar cane, fabrics that identify their sneakers.

Handicrafts with a local seal

“The decision to manufacture in Elche is not accidental: it is home to the cradle of footwear crafts, and it is in that region where we have found the best shoemakers in the country, some with more than 40 years of experience in the sector. My day to day is in Palma, between the office and the store that we have just opened, but I travel to Elche whenever I can to supervise the quality processes and personally verify the needs of the factory workers", reveals the founder of the company, who personally knows the more than 150 people involved in the creation of the sneakers.

And it is precisely they who make the shoes with great detail and care so that each pair is unique, contributing their extensive experience and guaranteeing the best practices and the highest quality. In this way, the firm promotes the local economy and supports the Spanish shoe sector in a process that lasts up to six months.

This explains why some Yuccs shoe models have long waiting lists among their customers. As it is a limited production so as not to waste resources or relocate, the pair of sneakers becomes almost an exclusive object for which —they say— it is worth waiting for.

Comfort and sustainability

Working with natural fibers adds complexity to the manufacturing process, while ensuring its sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. Pablo Mas' previous experience in a footwear firm allowed him to get to know the industry first-hand and observe the few sustainable alternatives on the market. The challenge was to manufacture durable, comfortable and sustainable footwear that would convince the most demanding public. Authentic merino wool responded to all these needs and adds a peculiarity: its thermoregulation, which keeps the foot warm in winter and cool in summer, and its antibacterial action. Recovering this fabric for footwear is also a return to the old, more sustainable shoemaking traditions, which do not use synthetic materials.

“Merino wool is our star fabric, due to its multiple properties and benefits. But at Yuccs we invest a lot in R&D, and we don't stop researching new fabrics and natural materials, to continue offering an extremely sustainable and quality product”, concludes Mas.

Responsible purchases

Yuccs slippers have become the best gift this winter, if what you are looking for is something different, that can tell its own story, with a committed message. This shoe not only stands out for its timeless design and the characteristics of the fabric, but also speaks of tradition, the survival of artisan trades, manufacturing made in Spain and even the history of the old Merino sheep herd. that made Spain the benchmark for woven gold for centuries. If we don't know what to give on Christmas Eve, we still have time to order some shoes on the Yuccs website. You have 30 days without obligation to try them, and changes and returns are free.

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