6 ACME designers illuminate Christmas from Madrid

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Juan Vidal, Maya Hansen y Teresa Helbig se suman este año a Andrés Sardá, Devota & Lomba y Duyos, y regalan sus diseños de iluminación navideña a la ciudad de Madrid.

| 16.12.2021 | Madrid Christmas shines again with designs created by ACME designers. Juan Vidal, Maya Hansen y Teresa Helbig se estrenan en este proyecto, sumándose a Andrés Sardá, Devota & Lomba y Duyos.All of them have put their work at the service of Madrid by giving their creations free of charge with the aim of generating an illusion project at very special parties.

This collaboration occurs thanks to the agreement signed by the City of Madrid and ACME, which participates again in the lighting of Madrid by six great designers. En esta ocasión, Juan Vidal ilumina la Calle Preciados; Maya Hansen pone luz a la Calle Montera; Teresa Helbig adorna la Calle Fuencarral; la firma Andrés Sardá viste de nuevo a una gran Menina que ilumina el Paseo del Prado; también este año Devota & Lomba hace brillar la emblemática Puerta del Sol con un impresionante árbol de Navidad, y Duyos engalana Goya con su diseño de luces.

Juan Vidal

Juan Vidal premieres in this project with a romantic red design, with a big heart as the protagonist, to illuminate precious, one of the most representative commercial streets of the city.“In times where we find more and more differences that move us away and make us vulnerable, the heart is a clear and powerful message.Love, infinite and unconditional, is a greater objective that cohesive and gives direction to our existence, ”explains the designer.

Maya Hansen

6 diseñadores de Acme iluminan la Navidad de Madrid

Maya Hansen is inspired by the world of skating and the work of the emblematic graffiti artist to create her lighting designs for Montera Street.“I wanted to mix traditional elements such as the classic Christmas bells, reindeer or ice skates, with flagship elements of my work such as the corset that is seen in the central part, whose loop ends alluding to the signature of the graffiti artist Juan Carlos Argüelles, known as 'Muelle', a very characteristic element of Montera Street, ”says the Madrid designer.

Teresa Helbig

Teresa Helbig is another of the new additions of this project.The designer has created for Fuencarral Street a fun and irreverent design that reflects all her creative universe."With the lemurs we have always felt a special connection, for their innate communicative skills, for flirtatious and presumed, for being propellants of feminism in the animal kingdom ... That's why we wanted them to be those who starred in the lights we have designed.Through his eyes, we celebrate innate mischief, sensitivity and intelligence, sixth sense, freedom and femininity, ”says the designer.

Nuria Sardá

Nuria Sardá, creative director of Andrés Sardá, wears a large 10 -meter -high Menina that this year can be seen on the Paseo del Prado.Its design is based on a bustier, tontillo and skirt illuminated by 37.720 LED bulbs, plastic diamonds, sequins and silver balls.Sardá has developed its design in collaboration with the Meninas Madrid Gallery project by artist Azzato and Madrid Fashion Capital.

Devota & Lomba

La firma Devota & Lomba es la autora del gran árbol que vuelve a alumbrar la emblemática Puerta del Sol.Geometry and Papyroflexia are protagonists of this design, signs of identity of the brand directed by Modesto Lomba.

Juan Duyos

Juan Duyos again illuminates Goya Street with a large garland composed of colorful LED bulbs for which it has been inspired by the lines of classical jewelry and force that the precious stones transmit.

The union of ACME designers with Christmas in Madrid has a long journey.This synergy among the best fashion creators and the lighting of the capital began in 2006 and since then there have been many designers who have had the privilege of dressing Madrid giving their creations at the most exciting parties of the year.

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