Announce 5 Moto G smartphones with characteristics for different types of users

By : ujikiu / On : 21/01/2023

Again Motorola surprised everyone with the launch of five smartphones belonging to the G family.This is the G200 5G, G71 5G, G51 5G, G41, and G31.The G200 5G motorcycle is the most powerful and works with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G processor, its price will be 13,999 pesos.In Tech Bit we already had access to the Smartphones G71 5G, G51 5G and G41, and here we tell you all the technical details that you need to know, as well as the main differences you will find in each of them.

Smartphones that accommodate your needs

The best thing Motorola has done by launching smartphones such as the Moto G71, Moto G51 and Moto G41 is that each of them is intended for different types of users since each one meets different needs.In the Moto G71 and Moto G51 we find a Full HD+ screen with 2400 x 1080 resolution pixels, compared to the G41 motorcycle, which also has a Full HD+ screen but with 1400 x 1080 resolution pixels.For its part, the Moto G51 has a 6 6 Max Vision Vision screen.8 inches and a 120 Hz soda rate, while the Moto G71 and Moto G41 have a Max Vision Oled screen of 6.4 inches.As for the design there is no difference, in the rear we find a three -chamber module and the typical Motorola symbol.On the side the volume buttons, as well as the ignition and off, while on the other side we find the entrance for SIM and Micros SD, as well as a side fingerprint reader.In the lower part you have an input for USB type C.The Moto G71 and Moto G41 has a design that is water repellent, while the G51 motorcycle has IP52 certification that protects it against splashes, so there is no problem in terms of the resistance of these smartphones.Among other features, the three smartphones have Jack 3 audio.5 mm and Dolby Atmos sound, only that the Moto G51 has as plus Aptx-HD and Aptx Adaptive.In addition, the Moto G41 and Moto G71 have Bluetooth 5.0 and the Moto G51 Bluetooth 5.1, as well, as its name indicates, it has 5G connectivity, just like the Moto G71.

Smartphones with great power

As for the power it is where we find the main differences in these devices.Starting with the Moto G71, it has a 695, 6 GB Snapdragon chip of RAM and 128 GB of storage.For its part, the Moto G51 has Snapdragon 480 with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of expandable storage up to 512 GB with MicroSD.Finally, the G41 motorcycle uses a Medatek Helio G85 chip and has two presentations: 4 GB or 6 GB of RAM, as well as 128 GB of expandable storage up to 1 TB with microSD.The three devices have a 5000 mAh battery, only in the case of the Moto G71 and Moto G41 we find a fast charging of 30 W, while on the G51 motorcycle there is a rapid charge of 10 w.In addition, the three have integrated Android 11.

Almost identical cameras set

Anuncian 5 smartphones Moto G con características para distintos tipos de usuarios

As for the cameras section, there are also certain differences between devices.In the Moto G71, we have a three -chamber module, the main lens is 50 MP with an opening of 1.8, this has artificial intelligence Quad-Pixel and self-effect due to phase detection (PDAF).Your second lens is 8 MP with opening 2.2 ultra wide angle of 118 ”and a third 2 MP macro lens with opening 2.4.The Moto G51 camera module has the same characteristics as the G71 motorcycle, except that it does not have Quad-Pixel and self-effect due to phase detection.As for the Moto G41, it has a main 48 MP camera with opening 1.7, quad pixel and optical stabilization (OIS).While its other two lenses are the same as the Moto G71 and Moto G51.In the front camera we find that the Moto G41 and Moto G51 has a 13 MP lens with opening 2.2 Which captures images with enough resolution, however, there is a great improvement in the selfies when using the front camera of the G71 motorcycle since its lens is 16 MP with an opening 2.2, which slightly gives a better detail to the photographs.

Price and availability

The G71 5G motorcycle will have a price from 7,599 pesos, it will be available in Green Jade and Blue Opal.The G51 5G Motor.The Moto G41, has an initial price suggested of 5,699 pesos (colors black ónix and golden dawn).Finally, the Moto G31 can be achieved from 5,299 pesos, in meteor and blue gray colors.

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